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Manganas Steel Sticker & Poker Chip Pack

Manganas Steel Sticker & Poker Chip Pack

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Show your support for Manganas Steel with this unique sticker & poker chip pack! Each pack includes three exclusive stickers and one limited edition poker chip. The logo sticker is a thick holographic sticker which bears the 'premium edition' Manganas Steel logo (different from the licensing logo). The Pharaoh sticker features art work by Zach Attack Designs and depicts Sherif as regal Pharaoh. The King Caimano sticker features a holographic visage of the King of knives, the Caimano. This is an exclusive limited edition sticker which will never be offered again once we run out! Last but not least is the poker chip. These depict the mighty Horus as imagined by Sherif on one side and feature the Manganas Steel logo on the other. These too are limited and will disappear once they run out! I hope these bring you as much joy as they do to me as they were a lot of fun to make!



1) Business Card

1) Holographic Premium Edition Logo Sticker

1) Pharaoh Sherif Sticker by Zach Attack Designs

1) King Caimano Limited Edition Sticker

1) Horus Limited Edition Poker Chip

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