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Manganas Steel x Post Mortem Horus Bead

Manganas Steel x Post Mortem Horus Bead

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Meet the paracord bead to end all beads! Pharaoh Horus himself has arrived! Created as a collaboration between Manganas Steel and Post Mortem plastics envisioning the perfect EDC bead for MSC. DETAILED to the extreme, you will be mesmerized as you look over and discover the number of exquisite nuances we have been able to achieve with this creation. This was only possible through 3D printing and attentive hand finishing, making each bead a true one of one. In addition, they are extremely light and unlikely to scratch or mar any of your EDC gear (something I hate about metal beads). 3D Printed using SLA technology, hand finished and extensively tested to survive abuse. No joke, we threw these at the wall, dropped them, carried them and never had a single one break. That being said, anything abused enough will eventually break, but these should survive your EDC abuse without issue. Get yours now as they will never be offered again! 



1) Pharaoh Horus Bead

1) Pharaoh Sherif Sticker

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